Now Showing: Sealed Section at Artbank

Group show 'Sealed Section', now showing at Artbank in Waterloo, showcases art that deals with 'topics of impolite dinner conversation' - sex, politics, and religion. It features 2007 work 'Self-Censoring Helps Everyone' (pictured) from 'Security Blanket' alongside work from Abdul Abdullah, Abdul-Rahman Abdullah, Brook Andrew, Drew Bickford, Arthur Boyd, Sarah Contos, Yvette Coppersmith, Hannah Cutts, eX de Medici, Christine Dean, Christopher Dean, Leah Emery, Marie Hagerty, Richard Larter, Tara Marynowsky, David McDiarmid, Stephanie Monteith, Dorota Mytych, Scott Redford, Darren Siwes, TextaQueen and Yaritji Young.

Thanks to Curator Miriam Kelly and Artbank. Read the full curatorial statement here. 'Sealed Section' is showing until Feb 7, 2015.